Five day full coastline sailing

Duration: 5 Days
Min 5 people
Meeting time: 9am at Port of Kotor
Embark: Kotor or Tivat
Bavaria 46 (up to 8 people)
Open for diversity.
Share skippered sailing yacht and visit entire Montenegrin coastline in only five days. Perfect way to see all different styles of life by the sea in less busy way, meet mind-like people and relax.


  • Five days on a sailing yacht Bavaria 46
  • Five night accommodation on the boat with linen and towels provided
  • Skipper, fuel surcharge, cleaning fee
  • Tour guide/host who will answer all your questions about Montenegro
  • Marina fee in Tivat, Herceg Novi, Budva, Petrovac and Bar
  • Food - breakfast and lunch (or dinner) on board
  • Complimentary tea, coffee, drinking water and soft drinks
  • BYO: bring your own drinks and snacks on board (alcohol is allowed)
  • Snorkeling gear

Not included

  • Other meals
  • Other drinks
  • Gratitude of the crew

Day one highlights

  • Architectural piece of art, the town of Perast
  • Our Lady of Rocks island with church and museum
  • Yachting paradise Porto Montenegro
  • Ex Yugoslavian navy tunnels
  • Historical Old Town of Herceg Novi
  • Free evening in Herceg Novi and overnight

Day two highlights

  • Cruising around prison-island Mamula
  • Swimming and snorkeling in the Blue Cave
  • Historical Old Town of Budva
  • Free evening for dinner in Budva and walking around
  • Great nightlife and party in Budva

Day three highlights

  • Cruise around St. Nikolas island, the biggest in Montenegro
  • Swimming near by famous St. Stefan island
  • Stop at Galia beach
  • Visit the town of Petrovac
  • Overnight in city of Bar

Day four highlights

  • See the 2.000 years old olive tree in Bar
  • Visit the Old Town of Ulcinj
  • Relax at the biggest beach in Montenegro
  • Explore Ada Bojana (nudist beach available)
  • Horseback riding along the beach (optional)
  • Enjoy for what is known as the best sunset in Montenegro

Day five highlights

  • Enjoying panoramic view of the coastline on the way back to Kotor
  • Stops for swimming

Day plan

Day 1

Start from Kotor, breakfast
Arrival at Our Lady of Rocks, visit to the church and museum
Arrival at Perast, free time to explore the town
Depart from Perast
Arrival at Porto Montenegro, free time
Depart from Tivat, lunch
Stop at Yugoslavian tunnels
Swimming break at Bijela
Arrival at Herceg Novi, free time until tomorrow

Day 2

Start from Herceg Novi, breakfast
Cruising around Mamula
Stop at Blue Cave, swimming break
Depart to Budva, lunch break
Stop at Jazz Beach for swimming
Arrival to Budva free time until tomorrow

Day 3

Breakfast, embarking from Budva
Cruising around St. Nicolas island
Stop at St. Stefan, swimming
Depart to Galia Beach
Free time at Galia Beach, lunch break
Depart to Petrovac Town
Arrival to Petrovac Town, free time
Depart to the port of Bar, dinner on board
Arrival to Bar, free time until tomorrow

Day 4

Mini-van ride to Old Olive tree
Visit to 2.000-year-old olive
Depart to Ulcinj
Arrival at Old Town of Ulcinj, free time
Depart to Ada Bojana
Arrival at Ada Bojana river, lunch break
Depart to Ada Bojana Beach, free time until sunset – (horseback riding, nudist beach, regular beach)
Drive back to the port
Dinner on the boat, free time in Bar until tomorrow

Day 5

Early start from the port of Bar by the captain
Sleeping late
Breakfast when agreed
Stops along the way for swimming
Lunch on the boat when agreed
Disembark in Kotor


We start our sailing trip in the morning hours from the port of Kotor, sail along Kotor Bay, admiring the heights of Lovćen mountain above us, as the morning sun uncovers the real colors of the rocks surrounding us.

We get to know each other right away over breakfast and “wake up” shots of rakija – a strong spirit frequently used in Montenegro as morning ease, especially known for its healing effects with a hangover, potential cold, broken heart, etc. (according to locals).

After one hour we arrive at the holiest island in Montenegro, made of limestone and shipwrecks – Our Lady of Rocks. Even with great devotion and hard work, it took 200 years to build the island and the church and it has always been considered as the ultimate protector of all maritime people. Your tour guide will tell you the legends of this famous place, supported with the interior of the museum.

Just across from the island, the important guardian of Kotor bay rises – the town of Perast. First plotted on the nautical maps as a shipyard, and over time evolved into prestigious “nobility only” settlement with imposing baroque palaces dominating the streets.

Here we have some free time to explore and as Perast has only one main street, it won’t be easy to get lost.

From here we continue our sailing along the narrowest part of Boka Bay, called Verige. This the conjunction of three different bays is only 360 meters wide, and as we pass it, we’ll enter much spacious bay of Tivat.
From past one, here, we jump into present architecture, as its jewel, Porto Montenegro, is glowing in modern signature and exquisite luxury.
Even though this place is heaven for yacht lovers and wealthy guests, it is very much adjusted with prices in restaurants and bars, so everybody can participate and enjoy the beauty of this neat town.

Take some time to walk around, pick a bar with your favorite view, get some posh ice cream, go see ex-Yugoslavian submarines exposed outside – one of them is now a museum witnessing the time when this lavish town was a navy base.

Lunch is served on the boat, as we sail from Tivat towards the tunnels from Yugoslavian time, where those submarines we saw earlier were held and hidden from the enemy – showing the army’s endless creativity in camouflage.

Time to relax, soak in the sun, swim, and chill.

Our final stop for the day is Herceg Novi, where we arrive in the late afternoon hours and stay until tomorrow.
It is located at the entrance of Boka Bay, and at first sight of the mixed architecture in the Old Town you can notice that different civilizations were intertwined here leaving behind imposing stone towers and forts in many different styles – Ottoman, Venetian, Mediterranean.

Besides its historical value, Herceg Novi flourishes in more than 250 species of plants, brought over time by local captains and sailors, hence the name “flower town”.

As the sunniest place in Montenegro, with more than 220 sunny days a year, it is very popular for visitors, so you can expect a very vivid environment as you walk along a beautiful pedestrian zone by the sea, with many options for restaurants, bars, and night clubs.


Breakfast is served as we disembark from the port of Herceg Novi, and leave Boka Bay behind us.

Soon, on the horizon, stunning island Lastavica with notorious Mamula fortress arise.

This infamous prison was originally built in the 19th century by Austro-Hungarian Empire to guard the entrance of the bay, along with two more fortresses on both sides Arza and Oštra, but only Mamula was used, unfortunately, to lock prisoners down in both World Wars.

We’ll sail all around it so you can see how perfect the construction of the fort was, so it looks like it is naturally emerging from the island.

Mood uplifts with our exit to the open sea, as Adriatic waters seem endless from our perspective.

Time to explore one of the natural wonders – the deep waters of Blue Cave!

As our sailing boat cannot fit into the cave, we’ll have to swim to it, so make sure you have your snorkeling gear on! For unsecure swimmers, we recommend life jackets.

As locals describe it, it was formed by thousands of years-long fights in between the sea and land, making it down to 5 meters deep. Inside the cave sun breaks into this dance of blue shades, so if you dive under and shake your body you may see magical fluorescent water.

From the Blue Cave, we sail towards Budva, so it is time to relax, soak up the sun, practice your sailing skills, upload pictures to all the social media, or just enjoy the magnificent landscape of the mountains on one side, and endless sea on the other.

Lunch is served on the boat along the way, and we’ll also make an extra stop for swimming near Jazz Beach.

Disembark in Budva is planned for afternoon hours.


The town of everything.

Most recognized as a “town that never sleeps” with busy nightlife and party going on everywhere, Budva also has great beaches, long promenades with numerous Mediterranean cuisine restaurants, and beautiful medieval Old Town, so you have nothing to worry about if you are not a “party animal”.
For all the “animals”, there is no better place to be in Montenegro.

Create your perfect night and make sure you come back on board by morning!


In the morning we disembark from Budva and serve breakfast cruising around the biggest island in Montenegro – magnificent St. Nicholas. The island seems to be tilted to one side, showing mighty Earth’s motion from the past as stripped layers of rocks rise from the water.

Passing the beaches of Budva Riviera, we arrive at another, much more famous island – the luxury hotel town of St. Stefan. A combination of medieval architecture, modern simplicity, and isolation from the crowds makes this place very attractive for exclusive guests, willing to pay their cozy bed up to 5.000 euros for one single night.

This postcard-like view is the ideal place to park our boat and jump into the Adriatic water and refresh!

From here our sailing trip continues towards another hidden exclusive paradise, beach Galia. Seize the day by spending it on the beach sunbathing, eating the finest seafood, and sipping cocktails… How else you imagine paradise?

Time to check out the other part of Budva Riviera – the town of Petrovac where we few hours in the afternoon.
With beautiful beaches and a long pedestrian zone ending with recognizable fortress Kastio, Petrovac is an ideal place for panoramic walks and resting by the sea with a glass of wine in a
local restaurant.

From Petrovac we depart to our final port for the day – port of Bar. Evening and night are free for exploring if it happens that you still have the energy.


Rise and shine everybody! It is already at 9 am as a very long day is ahead of us! Breakfast on board, and we are off with a minivan to explore the southern part of Montenegro!

The first stop is at the 2.000-year-old olive tree, which is the prime attraction of this area. Then, we continue to the pirate town of Ulcinj, and as soon as we leave Bar, you will notice how architecture, signs by the road, and habits of locals change – this is due to the great influence of the Albanian border nearby. This will surely tickle your exploration urge, so feel free to wander the streets of Ulcinj and discover a bit different Old Town.

Just when you think Montenegro cannot get better, crazier, and more diverse, wait to see!

That’s right – Wait to see – because Ada Bojana is whole another dimension where rules are different! Wild and indomitable, Ada Bojana sets everyone free from the real world, and decades-old nudist beach confirms that.

Even if in the first thought you might be anxious about the nudist moment, wait to feel the energy and freedom boost this place will provide!

When was the last time you did something for the first time Remember, it is all about the experience!

Lunch is highly recommended in one of the riverbank restaurants, as you will see if, for yourself, there is no more romantic place to eat, and food is all fresh and delicious.

Free time after lunch you can use to ride a horse on the beach, take long walks along the sea, and wait for the best sunset on the entire Adriatic coast!

When that’s done, we drive back to the boat where you have free time to see the city of Bar, go out for drinks, or just pass out to sleep.


The day we go back also known as the lazy day.

The captain will sail out from the port super early in the morning, and you’ll finally get some time to sleep late.

Breakfast and lunch will be served on board by the agreement, and the captain will make sure to provide nice stops for swimming at the open sea.

Yours is to rest, relax and sum up your impressions from the last few days that will certainly stay in your memory as one of the best things you did for your travel soul.

Thank you for being part of this sailing adventure.

Please note:

  • Special food requests must be advised ahead
  • This trip is not suitable for children under 7 years old, unless you book a full yacht, our private trips are great for families, check them out as well
  • For full refund, cancellation is available 7 days ahead
  • This experience requires good weather. If it’s cancelled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or full refund.
  • This trip is not recommended for guests with immobility
  • The less you pack, you have more space in your cabin
  • Sun cream in spray or with oil base is not recommended on board, any other yes of course

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Sharing yacht with other guests on this five-day trip is perfect if you want to explore Montenegro in a different, less busy way, and meet new mind-like people on board, or just relax on a boat.

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